Lambert JV

2023 Junior Varsity

2Chae (Hayden)Middie2026
4Williams (Connor)Middie2025
5Robertson (Ethan)Attack2026
7Gabsa (Dane)Attack2026
10Lowe (Tucker)Attack2025
11Sentell (Dylan)Middie2026
12Perry (Cager)Goalie2025
13Ochoa (Hudson)Defense2025
14Devakumar (Sid)Middie2026
17Grasso (Luke)Goalie2025
18Losurdo (TJ)Attack2026
19Templeton (Sanders)Attack2025
20Maracle (Parker)Goalie2026
21Smith-Pecora (Hunter)Middie2026
24Carney (Gavin)Attack2024
25Johnson (Dylan)Defense2025
26Morrissey (Ryan)Attack2026
28Pedro (Max)Defense2026
29German (Davis)Middie2024
30Lang (Koby)Middie2024
32Pham (Hieuminh)Defense2025
33Schultz (Anderson)Defense2025
35Booth (Bennett)Defense2026
40Rotunda (Adam)Defense2025
45Pascarella (Drew)Defense2026
48Dewey (Jake)Goalie2026
99Evans (Jackson)Attack2026

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