Andean Chevrolet

Andean Chevrolet has proudly been in business since 1948. James A. Otwell Jr, and his wife Dorothy started the business on March 23rd of that year. Named after their daughters, Patricia Anne and Sara Dean, the name Andean was coined.

The dealership’s first location was across the street from the City of Cumming cemetery, a lot which had previously housed Mr. Otwell’s chicken houses. The dealership moved to its present location in 1971. Sadly, Mr. Otwell passed away in 1973, leaving a legacy of fair deals and fantastic customer care in the hands of his then 20-year-old son, James Otwell III, Jim, who is the current dealer. Jim has proven to be a kind and
astute businessman, continuing his father’s legacy of exceptional
community support and good American values.

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